We are the Daini Tokyo Bar Association

Always attentive to changing times and society,
Daini Tokyo Bar Association is sincerely addressing and tackling new problems
that continue to arise. We believe that we should be able to serve society in many more ways.
Desire to be a bar association always being a pioneer of a new era: This is our everlasting wish.

Our International Activities

The Daini Tokyo Bar Association’s diverse international activit

  1. advancing research on international legal issues
  2. promoting and facilitating interaction with the international legal community
    including through formal friendships with numerous bar associations overseas
  3. participating in the evaluation of the qualifications of applicants forregistration as foreign lawyers in Japan

Information regarding
Registered Foreign Lawyer

A lot of Gaikokuho-jimu-bengoshi (“GAIBEN”) are energetically involved in the Daini Tokyo Bar
Association’s activities, especially International Committee’s efforts.

For details regarding the Gaikokuho-jimu-bengoshi, please access the following website: