Legal education

Legal education

Delivery service of legal lecture on demand "Legal Workshop Delivery Service"

Our everyday life is deeply related to laws and rules. More often than not, you may back away from them because "laws are difficult to understand" or because you are not sure "why rules should be observed." It gives you great power and strength for your life in society to ponder in what kind of a situation you will be protected by law or why or how laws and rules are formulated. To help you in such thinking, NIBEN provides this "Legal Workshop Delivery Service." NIBEN attorneys will visit you and give a lecture on any theme you may request.

Visits to Bengoshi Kaikan

NIBEN invites visitors to Bengoshi Kaikan so that the public can learn about attorneys and their activities more closely. You can visit our jointly operated libraries that are accessed by many attorneys in their daily activities and booths that are used for actual legal counseling. We also offer a Q&A session where our attorneys answer your questions. Please feel free to apply for a visit.

Observation of court proceedings

You often hear the news of a trial being held, but few of you may know how actually a trial proceeds. A trial? Such a serious matter! Such legal terminology and jargon is hardly understandable! That's what people generally say to themselves. However, an actual trial is not so complicated. One NIBEN attorney will accompany first-time visitors as a guide for observing court proceedings and give them easy-to-understand explanations.

For inquiries please call

the secretariat of Daini Tokyo Bar Association at 03-3581-2255(advance booking required).