Six major activities

Six major activities

1. Protect human rights 2. Provide legal services to the public 3. Express opinions 4. Educate and develop younger attorneys 5. Train and support attorneys 6. Guide and supervise attorneys

Toward a better society where people can lead a safe and secure life

Our society consists of lots of people and organizations. Each individual has his/her own way of thinking and living just as the organizations do. The relationship between one individual and another is as complicated as the relationship between one individual and an organization or between the state and an individual. All such relationships are intertwined with each other. In such a complicated society, at times an individual's human rights are infringed upon, or his/her rights or interests conflict with those of another. And such an infringement or conflict may lead to a major problem in the entire society. At any moment we may be thrown into such a problem and be prevented from living in peace. We sincerely wish to realize a society where every one of us can lead a daily life in peace, and for such a purpose we would like to be engaged in day-to-day activities providing support for people's lives through an attorneys' association close to the people. We seek to prevent the occurrence of any problems that may threaten people's lives, and to appropriately address them should any such problems occur.

NIBEN performs activities that are aimed at developing and maintaining the quality of attorneys that can be relied upon by the people

In order to realize a better society that permits every citizen to live in peace, each attorney is required to fully exploit his/her ability and be relied upon by the people. For such a purpose it is necessary to develop attorneys that are fully knowledgeable about legal issues and have attractive personal qualities enabling them to stand up for the people. Such qualities should primarily be developed and acquired by each attorney on his/her own; however, an increasingly complicated society requires wide-ranging legal knowledge and it has become important for the bar association to support each attorney to have such knowledge. Another thing to be noted here is that, given the sharply increased number of attorneys, the OJT thus far provided to each attorney at an individual law firm has proved insufficient on many occasions. Under such circumstances, NIBEN will be performing an even more important role in cooperating for legal training, assisting new attorneys in their job hunts as well as their development. The association will also upgrade guidance for and supervision of experienced attorneys as well as their training, thus improving the environment that shall serve to raise their ethical consciousness.

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